Where can PimpMyWall stickers be used?

They can be used on any smooth flat surface such as wall / fridge / laptop / furniture / mirror / window / door / ceiling. Be sure before applying that the surface is free from dust and grease, and the plaster is intact!


Installing on plastic or glass needs more caution, ask for our advice if needed.


Can I use PimpMyWall stickers on wall paper?

Vinyl can be installed on  wall-paper but it should be noted that there may be damage  when removed.


How do I apply a PimpMyWall wall sticker?

All our products are sold with the step by step instructions to help you install your wall decal, bathroom sticker, laptop sticker or iphone skin.


Can I return the product if it is damaged?

Yes, if the product is proven defective or damaged during transport than we garantee repayment or replacement warranty, within 72 hours of receipt. Please see our terms & conditions for further information.


Will the sticker affect the paint on my wall?

On modern, well painted walls, applying and removing wall stickers will not damage the paintwork. However, on older walls where the paint may not be in such good condition, this cannot be garanteed and you should contact PimpMyWall before applying the vinyl for advice. Our stickers cannot be removed and re-used and can only be applied once.


Do I need to register?

Yes, to shop in PimpMyWall Webshop you need to register. It has many additional features like: order history, order status update etc.


How can I pay?

We accept different methods: cash on delivery, bank transaction, PayPal and personal receipt in our studio (it’s an adventure but it’s worth it…)


How much is the shipping cost?

This varies depending on the shipping address so if you would like to know a more percise amount, put a sticker in your cart, there you can calculate it.


How long does it take to get my sticker?

It depends what shipping method you choose, and where you live. In Hungary you receive it in 10 workdays.

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